Have you noticed how often the word "THEY" is used when talking about people who aren't just like us? Well I have and it really got to me tonight. In reference to a post containing economic growth facts, and the first reply I got was "THEY have their own "facts" which are lies that THEY … Continue reading US v. THEM

Why I no longer march……

Two years ago I went to my first march for life in Washington DC it was quite an experience, I found more healing in my own heart, more self forgiveness. I remember this picture, I didn't really want to share it because I felt like the smile on my face was really inappropriate for the … Continue reading Why I no longer march……

Through the Park #metoohero

What a great night, on the way home there's a little bit of moon light. Time with friends, no cares in the world, what a fun adventure, but that's not how this night would end. Danger, Danger ahead, he looks like a giant and wants the grass to be our bed. The alcohol is what … Continue reading Through the Park #metoohero

I’m getting out of the war business!!

Recently in my journey of learning to love, I started to notice some neon signs flashing all around WAR WAR WAR BATTLE really, why do we see everything as a war? why do we always say we're preparing for battle? Doesn't this imply that everyone you don't agree with is your adversary, your opposition? How … Continue reading I’m getting out of the war business!!