Through the Park #metoohero

What a great night, on the way home there’s a little bit of moon light. Time with friends, no cares in the world, what a fun adventure, but that’s not how this night would end.

Danger, Danger ahead, he looks like a giant and wants the grass to be our bed. The alcohol is what I smelled, I don’t know what I yelled. Unwanted kisses, pinned on the ground, would  anyone hear my sounds.

Many parts are not clear, was I frozen? was I fighting? DOES IT MATTER? welcome to my life of fear. His name was Bart and he was well liked, but he had no right. Why do men think they do? why do men look at you?

I heard a voice yell STOP but he was still atop. Tracy Derr an angel for sure came running up and he knew how to get tuff. He pushed Bart off, we watched him stumble away. In that moment a connection was made, one of love for another that swept the fear away. We never spoke of that night again, and though our paths didn’t cross much we are forever friends.

Today I walked through that park with my headphones on to not hear the crunch of the leaves on the ground. Feel what you feel, know what you know, and let it all go.





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