Super Blood Wolf Moon

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Sounds so dangerously intriguing doesn’t it? Well, I thought so, that’s why I decided to go to a Super Blood Wolf Moon Women’s Circle…… It was such an uplifting time, much of it was spent writing a new story for ourselves, letting go of the past. I was so excited when I learned this and of course mine came out POEtic!!

I’m a wild one riding the waves, ready to jump into the flames

water & fire can they mix?

Watch me emerge, I am the flame that clears the way, I am the water that flows into each new day

Taking up my space within the earth, awaiting new birth

Flying in the air without a care

Soaring high and low, spiraling around, finding the flow

My hearts at peace with who I am, to anyone with a problem, be damed

I’ve embraced my shadow and let her in, part of the journey of integration

Letting all my parts out with a howling shout, this is me, the good, the bad, the ugly

My song will enchant you and fill you with peace, like a wave from the ocean filled with fiery heat

Dancing with the flames, to others its insane

But I have no fear of the fire, or my own desires

Sexual energy flows through my veins, in the deepest part, I will no longer be ashamed

I am woman hear me roar, this is my story, together with yours, we are numbers too big to ignore!